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Dredging of Khor-e-Musa with allocation of 400 billion Tomans

Dredging of Khor-e-Musa with allocation of 400 billion Tomans.
In an exclusive interview with Mana reporter, Adel Driss added: with the allocation of this credit by the Ports and Maritime Organization, the dredging project of Khor-e-Musa will start from next month.
He called the dredging of Khor-e-Musa very effective in increasing the safety of shipping and added: "Dredging of Khor-e-Musa provides the possibility of safe traffic of ships with higher capacity."
The Director General of Ports and Maritime of Khuzestan further added: Dredging of Khor-e-Musa will last one year and capable companies and contractors will be used to implement this project.
Saying that Khor-e-Musa is one of the strategic waterways of the country, Driss added: ships must cross Khor-e-Musa to dock at Imam Khomeini port.
He said: "In recent years, dredging operations in Khor-e-Musa had not been carried out; According to studies, dredging of this estuary will be done in compliance with environmental issues and scientific principles.
Imam Khomeini Port is the second largest operational port of the Islamic Republic of Iran after Shahid Rajaei Port in Hormozgan Province.
50 million tons of goods are unloaded and loaded annually in this port.